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Master in Cultural Heritage: Creativity, Innovation and Management

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - sede di Milano
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“The Master in Cultural Heritage: creativity, innovation and management, located in the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, is targeted at graduates and young professionals eager to take advantage of the global changes related to creative industries and tourism. The master offers a solid foundation in management with specific attention to the historical-artistic and tourism sectors supporting innovation, creativity and business development.”
Alessandro Rovetta, Director of the Master in Cultural Heritage: creativity, innovation and management


Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday, in the morning session (9.30 -12.30) and in afternoon session (14.00- 17.00).

Classes will take place from January to June in Florence, at Studium Florentinum, the ancient Florence Academy founded in 1321 still owned by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, in the campus in Piazza San Giovanni, 7 in the beating heart of the city.
Active attendance is mandatory. A minimum of 75% attendance is required.

Field Project (3 months Internship and 1 month Project Work) will take from June to September/December
Graduation will be in January 2019.


Introductory upgrade web-based courses (e-learning mode)
History of Western and Italian art
Tourism context
Accounting basic principles
Introduction to business administration
Introduction to marketing

History of art and cultural heritage
Conservation and Innovation in Cultural Heritage
Santa Maria del Fiore and Cathedral construction sites
Museology and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo
Art, society and communication in the Italian Renaissance
Sustainability, maintenance, restoration management and programming
Cultural heritage in UE law

Business strategy
Accounting and finance
HR management and service management
Marketing, communications and place branding
Intercultural management
Operation and logistics
Soft skills: negotiation, communication and leadership

Creativity, innovation & tourism
Introduction to creative industries, innovation and tourism
Landscape and cultural heritage in creative industries
Service design in creative industries
Management of creative destination
Event design in creative industries

Field project
Internship (3 months = 420h)
Project work (1 month = 140h)

Final boot camp (32h)


A master like this couldn’t be complete without a period of strategically selected work experience with one of the leading companies operating in the Florence Area. These companies provide a forum in which to develop ideas and enhance the candidate’s professional skillset. Each of one is a success story in its own right, having successfully built on a cultural legacy made of creativity and innovation: the venue in which to develop ideas and professionalism.

Internships are tailored to the candidate’s cultural background and professional aspirations: a business experience in which the participant can benefit from the company environment and the company can gain from the candidate’s intercultural skills.


The tuition fees for candidates are 15.000 euro to be paid as follows:
- 5.000 € upon enrollment
- 5.000 € 30th of March 2018
- 5.000 € by 29th of June 2018



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