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International Executive Programme in Marketing

Luiss Business School
Villa Blanc

Via Nomentana 216, 00162, Rome (Lazio)
Tel.(+39) 06 85 22 2358

Milano Luiss Hub

Via Massimo D'Azeglio 3, 20154, Milan (Lombardy)

Current Status: In Corso
Course Type: Master Level: 1
Available Financing:
Tuition: 19.500 Duration y/mm: 0/9
Places Available: - Credits: 60 ECTS
Application Deadline: 21/01/2021 Admissions:
Start Date: 29/01/2021 End Date: 20/10/2021


In partnership with ESSEC Business School.

The International Executive Programme in Marketing is designed to achieve marketing and sales excellence in today’s complex, fast-changing environment. It will provide detailed and far-reaching knowledge of the marketing and sales fields, and focus on enhancing participants’ strategic vision and helping them master operational levers in order to drive product, brand and company performance.

Participants will master the different fundamental areas of marketing and sales while developing the ability to generate an impact. The programme will take place in a unique, multi-cultural and multi-experience environment.

A distinct combination of applied marketing theory and practical exercises in traditional and leading-edge situations will ensure a clear step-up in the competencies of future leaders in marketing, sales and communication. Participants from various industries will master the complexity of a continually evolving landscape characterized by the presence of hyper-connected customers in a setting of proliferating touchpoints, offerings and experiences as well as multi-level competition.

Luiss Business School promotes an immersive learning approach. In other words, the learning process is characterized by practical discussions of real-life situations and the sharing of experiences among participants and faculty.

The business school employs the Moodle Learning Platform, which guarantees that participants can easily access materials online.


Luiss Business School’s Executive Education programmes utilize innovative teaching methods that offer a unique and immersive learning experience. The programmes combine traditional lectures with digital technologies, which are pivotal for the learning experience.

Before, during and after the programme, participants have access to value-adding services aimed at enhancing and customizing their learning experience.

The programme will be held in two venues: Rome and Milan.


The programme is composed of 17 thematic areas totalling 192 hours and covering 32 days.

Course 1: Generating value through integrated customer insights (12 hours)
Rome, working week

- Sources of customer insights: multi-method market research and applied neuroscience (Small and big) data-driven insights
- Structuring the work with data providers: market research structure, brief and analysis

Course 2: Marketing strategy, brand building and brand transformation (12 hours)
Rome, working week

- Fundamentals of marketing strategy and brand management
- Building, leveraging, extending and “renting” a brand
- Managing brand value and brand P&L
- Brand transformation

Course 3: Advanced product, service and experience marketing (12 hours)
Rome, working week

- Fundamentals of product management
- Augmenting products through services and experiences
- Excellence in experience creation and delivery
- Start of group work

Course 4: Pricing and value management (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- Fundamentals of pricing management
- Applied pricing strategies and tactics
- Introduction to price and revenue management

Course 5: Mastering traditional and digital communication (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- Integrated marketing communication
- Marketing through traditional media
- Introduction to digital and social media marketing

Quarter 1: Applied Consumer Behavior
Online course

- Introduction to consumer behaviour
- Use of consumer behaviour theory to stimulate sales

Course 6 – Decision journeys and agile marketing (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- Marketing based on the decision journey
- Application of design thinking to marketing
- Introduction to the marketing organization
- Agile marketing: setup and organizational implications

Course 7 – Mastering creativity for brand value (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- The creative process
- Applied creativity on the supplier side: brief and copy commenting
- Applied creativity on the agency side: interpreting the brief and structuring copy; the art and tone of voice
- Brand storytelling and brand journalism

Course 8 – Channels (12 hours)
Partner university, long weekend

- Traditional channels
- Digital channels
- E-commerce: structure, alternatives and application

Course 9 – Excellence in customer and trade management (12 hours)
Rome, weekend

- Customer management
- Contract management: creating value through P&L management
- Applied trade marketing

Course 10 – Sales-force management and go-to-market strategies (12 hours)
Rome, weekend

- Multi-channel management
- Introduction to omni-channel: logistics, IT and organizational implications
- Sales-force effectiveness
- Sales-force mindset and behaviours, and employer value proposition

Quarter 2: Introduction to applied digital and social media management
Online course

- Managing the digital funnel
- Introduction to influencer marketing
- Applied SEM and SEO
- Applied marketing via Facebook/Instagram
- Behavioural profiling and tools that support digital and social media management

Course 11 – Augmented marketing (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- The decision journey and augmented marketing
- Enhancing the experience through augmented reality, virtual reality and IoT marketing

Course 12 – CRM and AI for marketing (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- Mastering big data to generate value
- CRM and the purchase of the next product
- Marketing automation: strategies and tools
- Introduction to machine learning for marketing

Course 13 – Digital Marketing in China (12 hours)
Milan, weekend

- Introduction to Chinese customers
- Social/digital media in China: WeChat
- Social/digital media in China: other platforms (e.g., Weibo, YouKU, Baidu)
- E-commerce in China
- Comparing China-specific digital strategies with typical western strategies

Quarter 3: Marketing planning
Online course

Developing an integrated marketing plan
Markstrat game

Course 14 – Marketing-to-performance: applied awareness building and trial programs (12 hours)
Rome, weekend

- Awareness and trial drivers
- Strategies and tactics for building brand awareness
- Strategies and tactics for generating product trials
- Performance management and brand/product steering through awareness and loyalty programs

Course 15 – Marketing-to-performance: applied loyalty-building programs (12 hours)
Rome, weekend

- Loyalty drivers
- Strategies and tactics to stimulate loyalty: retention and win-back
- Performance management and brand/product steering through loyalty programs
- Introduction to after-sales as a marketing lever

Course 16 – Marketing-to-performance: applied customer-brand engagement (12 hours)
Rome, weekend

- Drivers of brand engagement
- Strategies and tactics to stimulate customer brand engagement



- Any participant who has already attended a Luiss Business School course or is a Luiss Guido Carli graduate will be entitled to a 10% fee discount.
- Any company that enrolls multiple individuals in the same course seminar will be entitled to a 10% fee discount.
- Any participant who enrolls at least 60 days before the start date will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10% in relation to the total amount.
- Any participant who enrolls at least 30 days before the start date will be entitled to an early bird discount of 5% in relation to the total amount.

Tuition Fees/Expenses

The tuition fee for the entire programme amounts to EUR 19,500 + VAT 22%. The tuition fee includes materials and access to all of the Luiss Business School facilities.


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