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Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management – MAFINRISK

Bocconi University

Via Sarfatti, 25, 20136, Milan (Lombardy)
Tel.+39 02 5836.5979 - Fax +39 02 5836.5877

Current Status: Terminato
Course Type: Master Level: 1
Available Financing:
Tuition: 14.500 € Duration y/mm: 0/10
Places Available: Credits: 66 CFU
Application Deadline: 26/05/2015 Admissions:
Start Date: 10/09/2015 End Date: 20/05/2016


MAFINRISK is a full-time program taught in English for both economic and non-economic graduates who wish to develop specific technical abilities in the field of quantitative finance and risk management, covering an exhaustive spectrum of technical financial applications.

Five reasons to apply for MAFINRISK:

MAFINRISK is a focused program. Indeed, it is one of the very few Masters anywhere with a specific emphasis on quantitative finance and risk management. We will give you all the theory and all the operational tools you need to tackle the world of modern quantitative finance.

International environment
If you join MAFINRISK you will be part of an international class. You will share your learning experience with students that have different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Faculty and staff
Bocconi has an experienced, qualified faculty: a carefully selected mix of academicians and practitioners who will try to transmit to you a passion for finance. Its efficient and supportive staff will help you deal with your day-to-day organizational issues.

MAFINRISK has an excellent track record in terms of placement success. The quality of the students, the reputation of the program and our strong links with major financial institutions have all contributed to helping participants in the previous editions find a job well before the end of the program.

MAFINRISK is located in Milan, a lively, fashionable, culturally stimulating city: an environment which will make your year even more enriching and enjoyable.


The objective is to create fully independent specialists combining quantitative and operational skills together with institutional competencies. For this reason the technical skills developed in MAFINRISK program are complemented with courses dedicated to more general economic and institutional aspects of finance.


Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management from Università Bocconi will allow you to indulge your passion using a rigorous, skills-based approach. The program will be taught by a highly qualified faculty, which includes teaching and research staff from Università Bocconi and visiting professors from other top universities. The learning process has a practical orientation and takes the form of structured lectures backed up by practical applications through case studies and visiting speakers as well as project works and individual research.

The program is completed in 10 months full-time. To qualify for the Master degree participants must successfully complete 16 courses (core and electives) and an individual project or an internship report. The core courses are compulsory and will be taken by everyone. The electives are selected from a wide menu and will reflect your individual choices and interests.

- 7 fundamentals (first term);
- 5 core courses
- 4 electives, from a list of about ten courses (third term);
- individual project/internship report.

The first term covers mainly introductory courses with the aim of establishing a common language between the faculty and the participants and to smooth out the differences in academic and working backgrounds.

The second term is intended to enphasize different fields of finance, combining quantitative and risk management subjects. It focuses on the most technical aspects of asset pricing and hedging while stressing the institutional, organizational and regulatory aspects.

The third term offers a number of optional courses, each dedicated to some specific aspects of applied finance.

A final project or an internship concludes the program.


A number of scholarships partially covering tuition fees are available and offered by Mafinrisk on the basis of merit criteria according to the outcome of the selection process.

There are also other options to finance your study. You can benefit from special agreements between Università Bocconi and several banks, which offer students the possibility to ask for a loan at advantageous conditions.

Student Profile

The master is tailored to fit both the requirements of:
- economics graduates who want to develop applied skills in the field of quantitative finance and risk management;
- graduates in non-economics quantitative subjects (mathematics, physics, statistics, engineering, etc.), lacking a specific training in economics and finance.

Bocconi looks for talented, motivated individuals wishing to pursue a career in the field of applied finance and ready to dedicate 10 months of challenging, intense study to the achievement of this goal.

Career Prospects

The program is of particular relevance to those planning to work, or working in the fields of:
- capital markets, sales and trading;
- risk control and risk management;
- investment management and hedge funds;
- new product design and structuring;
- derivatives pricing, trading and risk management;
- financial modelling.

Moreover, a Career Service helps Master students enter the job market by providing professional orientation services and bringing employers and job candidates together at a number of events. Students can take advantage of the following:
- a Specialist Placement Library where information can be found on the Italian and international job market;
- training seminars on selected job search issues;
- company presentations and the career event Bocconi&Jobs;
- newsletter containing information on recruitment events and job and internship advertisements;
- job search and career planning consultations.


final project or an internship concludes the program.

Tuition Fees/Expenses

Tuition fee for 2015-2016 MAFINRISK program is € 14,500. Fees include course materials, use of Bocconi facilities, access to the Library and MAFINRISK online databases, laptop borrowing.

Fee is payable in three instalments.


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