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Master in Corporate Finance – MCF

SDA Bocconi

Via Sarfatti, 10, 20136, Milano (Lombardia)
Tel.+39 02 5836 3115/3215/3228 - Fax +39 02 5836 3272

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Breakthrough finance.
The Master in Corporate Finance (MCF) is an intense and stimulating one-year program in English, designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive innovation and master different international finance management techniques and tools, whether you work for a company or an institution. Choosing MCF means investing in your personal and professional development, with a view to taking your career to the next level.

MCF Highlights

• Most MCF graduates go on to enjoy a successful career in finance, fulfilling their original goals when choosing this program.
• SDA Bocconi MCF students are offered the opportunity to complete their education either  in New York or in Mumbai by joining  the NY Track with Fordham University’s Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF), or by attending the Mumbai Track at MISB Bocconi.
• MCF offers articulated content, and differentiated teaching methods to guarantee the best learning.
• The MCF costant growing will offer a broad perspective. A pool of dedicated experts will bring you their daily experience of managerial life: a fine blend of theory and practice, international network, treasuring teamwork and diversity.

To give you the chance to get to know SDA Bocconi and the MCF Master, we organize every year online and offline events, visits to the School with the possibility to attend a lesson and individual meetings.
All opportunities to speak directly with management, teachers, alumni and staff.
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The mission of the Program is to prepare students to offer high quality solutions to financial problems, both operationally and strategically. The Program is designed to provide you with the most advanced techniques of Financial Management and with an accurate knowledge of the principles that lie behind sound financial decisions: a fine blend of leadership and respect for others, ethics and the appreciation of diversity.

MCF will enable you to:

• Strengthen your theoretical financial knowledge.
Improve your practical financial knowledge and technical skills.
• Develop critical thinking and analytical problem solving skills.
• Become a “person” manager.



The MCF provides a full-time commitment: attendance is compulsory and you are required to maintain a high level of attention and involvement in class sessions.

Different methodologies are used throughout the program:

Class sessions
Case study discussions in small groups as well as in class
Simulations and role-playing exercises
• Visiting professors and professional guest speakers
In-company projects, individual or group

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Structure and calendar

MCF is a specialized Master, 100% finance-focused, that offers articulated and in-depth content, and differentiated teaching methods (business cases, business games, discussions with a professional faculty, simulations, software) to guarantee the best learning.
The program consist in:



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MCF is the Master for you if

• You want to offer high quality solutions to financial problems.
• You want to be provided with the most advanced techniques of Financial Management.
• You are looking for a blend of leadership and respect for others, ethics and appreciation of diversity.
You want an internationally recognized qualification.
• You want to operate in complex scenarios with unique tools and capabilities.

Who is a typical MCF participant?
A typical MCF student is a person who is determined to pursue a career in finance. MCF students possess strong intuition and stamina, a solid academic background and sound work experience.




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Admissions requirements

• A university degree in any discipline
Fluency in English
GMAT/GRE or SDA test
• An interview with the program director


- CFA Program Partner. MCF is part of the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program
- CAIA Specialized Course. MCF is a CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) Association Academic Partner
- GARP. MCF is a GARP Academic Partner


Most MCF graduates go on to enjoy a successful career in finance, fulfilling their original goals when choosing this program. MCF alumni professional track records provide evidence that 96% of MCF 2018 graduates got a job in finance-related functions within 1 year after completing the Master program.MCF Firm Partner Program
MCF has a proven record of employment opportunities for its graduates.
The unique distinctiveness of the program allows us to attract diverse participants (diverse in working experience, age, academic background, etc.) with the goal to work in the finance world. Our strong relationship with partner firms continues to deepen and graduates find not only high-quality positions, but recognition and fast career enhancement.


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The total fee for the MCF program is € 33,000 to be paid in four installments.

The total fee for the MCF - Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) program at Fordham New York University is € 46,325 to be paid in five installments.

The fees include:
• Most teaching material (although some texts must be purchased separately)
• Access to SDA Bocconi’s facilities and database


MCF Director Federico Pippo - Master in Corporate Finance


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