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Master in International Cooperation and Development – MICaD

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - sede di Milano
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Tipologia corso: Master Livello: 1
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Costo: 7.500 Durata a/mm: 0/12
Posti disponibili: 25 Crediti formativi: 60 CFU
Scadenza: 30/10/2017 Ammissione:
Inizio: 10/01/2018 Termine: 20/12/2018


The political, economic and social development of least developed countries is one of the major challenges of globalization. Growing interdependence and integration offer a chance to strengthen cooperative North-South and South-South relations, engaging different agents, including governments, international organizations, and civil society actors. The call to cooperation is urgent: poverty, inequality, conflict, instability, and uncertainty still affect everyday life of a majority of world population.

The Master in International Cooperation and Development – MICaD offers a privileged framework for designing tentative solutions to the above mentioned issues through the action of governmental and non-governmental agents, bridging gaps among people, groups and institutions.


The Master in International Cooperation and Development aims at converting theoretical knowledge into practical competencies and at giving students a specific set of professional skills to successfully face the job market. This is possible thanks to these distinctive characteristics:

• the limited number of admitted students guarantees an efficient interaction with instructors and colleagues in the class
• active participation in class includes simulations, case analysis, team assignments
• experts and executives take an active part in the program sharing their professional experiences with the students
• the internship is a chance to directly test the skills acquired during the program


Classes begin in mid-January 2018 and run until July 2018. Teaching activities will be scheduled from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Attendance to classes and other activities within the Master's program is compulsory.

After in-class educational sessions, all students will undertake their professional training with the internship that gives students the invaluable opportunity to strengthen the competences acquired during the Master.

The Graduation Day ceremony is expected in December 2018.


1st Level - Scientific Training
The first level provides students of different academic backgrounds with a multidisciplinary education on various dimensions of development processes aimed at acquiring the relevant economic, political, historical, legal, institutional and managerial competences, with a special focus on fighting against poverty and fostering social inclusion.

Areas of study:

• Economic and Human Development 6 CFU
• Geopolitics 6 CFU
• Trade and Finance for Development 6 CFU
• Development Law and Institutions 6 CFU
• Project Cycle Management 6 CFU

Main topics covered:

• Poverty, inequality and human development, development economics
• International relations and regional development challenges
• Economic integration, multinational enterprises, financial flows and remittances
• International law, human rights, migration law
• Identification, formulation, funding, implementation and evaluation of development initiatives

2nd Level - Professional Training
The second level intends to develop practical skills required to operate in the sector. It covers theoretical and practical exploration of development and emergency cooperation, including actors and strategies of intervention, emergency relief, natural resource management, conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction. Special attention will be devoted to transversal issues such as food security, environmental sustainability, community-based development initiatives. The development of personal skills is also stressed for an efficient career management. Professional Training activities are based on team work, workshops, seminars, and role playing. The professionals and experts involved in these activities operate in NGOs, international organizations, public administration and companies.

Areas of study:

• Development Actors and Strategies 6 CFU
• Crisis Prevention, Relief and Recovery 6 CFU
• Development Aid and Governance 6 CFU
• Partnership for Human Rights and Development 6 CFU
• Enhancing Cooperative Skills 3 CFU

3rd Level - Project Work 5 CFU
Students are required to develop a personal research project on a topic related to development cooperation, in close contact with a Master professor and/or a professional from a partner institution. The project work will often be connected to the internship experience.

4th Level - Internship 5 CFU


The Master’s program is designed for:

• Young graduates with a strong interest in cooperation and development, willing to acquire interdisciplinary competences and professional tools.
• Professionals in different fields who aspire to apply their competences to cooperation and development.
• People with a professional background in development cooperation who aim at deepening and strengthen their professional training, valorizing their experience and reinforcing their theoretical and applied competences.

The maximum number of admitted students is limited to 25, to ensure the high quality of learning and interaction.


The Master's program is completed by an internship within one of the ASERI partner institutions or other entities whose mission and activites are consistent with the MIC&D program. The internship will give students the chance to test and deepen the competences acquired during classes in a specific job context, in Italy or abroad, defined through a constant exchange between each student and the program assistant, whose task is to support students in their academic and professional endeavor.

Past Internships

• ACRA - Nicaragua/Honduras
• ALDEAS Infantiles SOS - Costa Rica
• Association for multiculture common visions - Republic of Macedonia
• AVSI - Italy
• Diritto di Sapere - Italy
• Economic Office of the 12th Vice-Presidence of the Republic of Burundi - Burundi
• Fundacion 180 - Argentina
• International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation - U.S.A.
• International Janusz Korczak Association - Poland
• ISMU - Italy
• Mission permanente d’observation de l’Ordre Souverain Militaire de Malte auprès de l’Office des Nations Unies et des autres organisations internationales - Switzerland
• Observatorio de Favelas - Brazil
• Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town - South Africa
• Terre des Hommes - Italy
• Transparency International - Nepal
• UNCTAD - Switzerland
• UNESCO - India
• N-Habitat - Kenya
• United Nations Support Office for AMISOM - Kenya
• United Nations System Staff College - Italy
• UNOG - Switzerland


The tuition fee is 7.500 euro to be paid as follows:
- € 3.000 upon admission
- € 2.500 by 23rd of February 2018
- € 2.000 by 6th of April 2018

The tuition fee also includes:
- Orientation activities
- Access to University facilities and services


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