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Master in Lighting Design & LED Technology

POLI.design - Politecnico di Milano

Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25, 20158, Milano (Lombardia)
Tel.02 2399 5911

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The Master aims at forming professionals able to follow the productive process of lighting in interiors, urban exteriors, temporary and museum environments, residential and show, paying attention to the analysis of methods, organizating a realization of lighting considering the production process and the innovation of the field of application, with special attention to social and cultural behavior of artificial lighting.

Lighting Design intended as a service to enhance wellness, personal, social and productive activities, relationship and communication in all human activities. Artificial lighting is in fact a primal asset of modern society, and one of the factors that mainly contributed to economical, commercial and social evolution of the most advanced nations on earth. The energetic and expressive potential of light lead to the definition of a new profession and an adequate design methodology that will be treated in to the master.


The course is divided into 10 thematic modules plus a 11th module that can be the internship or training on the fundamentals of lighting product design.

The Specializing Master will be held in English.

The first 4 training modules develop skills in fundamental theories, methods and tools for the lighting design, from the technical foundations to the methodological and cultural aspects to the CAD for lighting: Theory and technology of light, Tools and methods of lighting design, CAD for lighting, Lighting culture and practice of lighting design.

The following 5 learning modules develope advanced skills in the practice of lighting design: Project work in lighting for the show, for the hospitality, for exterior lighting, for the cultural heritage, for retail.

The 10th educational module develops empowerment skills for entering the world of working for corporate and professional training.

The 11th didatic module, alternative to the internship, propose content for the introduction of thematic related to lighting fixture design for interior and/or exterior applications.

Registrations will be closed to the maximum number of students in the call.


Didactic unit 1
Theory and technology of light

Didactic unit 2
Tools and methods of lighting design

Didactic unit 3
CAD for lighting

Didactic unit 4
Lighting culture and practice of lighting design

Didactic unit 5
Project work: lighting for the show

Didactic unit 6
Project work: lighting for the hospitality

Didactic unit 7
Project work: exterior lighting

Didactic unit 8
Project work: lighting for the cultural heritage

Didactic unit 9
Project work: interior lighting for retail

Didactic unit 10
Professional empowerment

Didactic unit 11
Lighting Product design


The Specialising Master is open to applicants who have a university degree (Laurea, equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) under the old or the new educational system or a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) under the new educational system in Architecture, Engineering and Design, and to applicants with equivalent qualifications.

The number of students admitted is 30.


The result of the master is an innovative professional profile with advanced competences in the main lighting design activities, indoor and outdoor, from residential spaces and retail areas to museum and temporary exhibitions and lighting shows. These professionals will be able to insert both in the lighting companies and professional offices, as well as in the technical departments of the civil service. In the lighting companies they will be able to carry design, realisation and control of the lighting installations. In the professional offices - architecture, industrial and lighting design - they will support the architectural planning (retail environments, entertainment and sport areas, residential spaces, museum, exhibit design) to develop stage-managing abilities in lighting installations. Also, they will be able to support and coordinate the whole process of lighting design: from the planning to the realisation and from the test step to the light control management systems, within the norms in force both in civil service sphere and in private and professional fields.

High placement rate: Over 80% of participants, within one year, find a job in design firms and leading companies. You can see the testimonies of some former students at this page.


The total cost of the Master is 9.990 €.

500 € are for the matriculation to Politecnico di Milano and 9.490 € are for the application to the Master.

The cost of enrollment in the Master entitle to deduct tax of 19% as falling under "university specialization courses".


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