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Executive MBA Program – Londra

Booth School of Business - University of Chicago
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One program. One faculty. The first and only business school with three dedicated campuses in North America, Asia, and Europe. All pure Chicago.

Whether you’re in Chicago, London, or Hong Kong, you’ll learn the same unique approach to management education all our students receive.

You choose the location that best fits your schedule.

  • Chicago – Home of Chicago Booth, Chicago plays host to four major financial and futures exchanges and 66 Fortune 500 companies. A city that knows how to work and play, Chicago is skyscrapers and sailboats, hogbutcher to the world, and a city in a garden. The Chicago campus draws Executive MBA students from across the Americas.
  • London – The center of the world’s financial markets, London is a city layered with history. Roman, medieval, Victorian and modern London live together on the banks of the Thames, the city’s backbone. Today, the city encompasses the cutting edge in food, fashion, film, theater, music and more. Executive MBA students from all corners of the globe attend the London campus.
  • Hong Kong – The Executive MBA program is run from our interim campus, located at Cyberport 2. Chicago Booth is also developing plans for a permanent campus location, which will be on Mt. Davis, Victoria Road, near Pok Fu Lam, slated for completion by late 2017, at which point all programs and activity will move to the Mt. Davis location.

The format for the program varies according to your campus location; however, the curriculum is the same across the 3 campuses
. During the 21-month program, you will take 12/14 of the 17 courses together with your colleagues at your local campus. Each student then selects three/five electives to complete the course of study, to be taken with the global class (all 3 campuses) in Chicago.

During four one-week international sessions, students from all three campuses meet, take classes, work in study groups, and experience local culture together. There are two sessions in Chicago and one each in London and Hong Kong.


At Chicago, it's all about the idea. You'll focus on generating, analyzing, comparing and refining ideas. With your classmates and professors. Making the idea better. And better yet. Why? Because there are no pat answers or simple rules to draw on in business.

You'll thrive throughout your career because you'll have learned how to:

  • Examine every idea. Whether presented by a classmate or a professor. You'll voice your support, your dissent, your suggestions. Here, there are no wrong questions except the ones that go unasked.
  • Evaluate problems and opportunities. Through the lenses of accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics. With a diversity of analytical tools and methods, you'll see things in new ways.
  • Handle uncertainty. You'll learn to feel comfortable when there is no formula to guide you. No path to follow. You'll lead the way with your ability to think critically and act decisively.

The Chicago experience will take you deeper into an issue, broaden your perspective and force you to question assumptions - including your own. Instead of accepting the status quo, you'll pursue the best thinking. You'll develop the skills to successfully take on any business challenge and the opportunities they generate. The Chicago experience will give you the confidence to perform in situations where there are no set guidelines - and that is what distinguishes a leader.


The Chicago experience will prepare you to take your career to a new level. At Chicago Booth, you'll find an academic program that features:

  • an emphasis on analyzing problems, generating key insights and implementing creative solutions – We stress the importance of asking questions and examining ideas. How to make things better. Be prepared for all possibilities. Because there are no clear-cut answers. You'll gain a powerful framework for making decisions throughout your career, in any business situation, in any industry.
  • a curriculum you can use now – Chicago Booth professors bring their real-world experience as consultants, expert witnesses, board members or even investment fund managers to the classroom. You’ll learn how to assess risk, approach clients, think more strategically and make better decisions along a range of outcomes. The tools you need today and in the future.
  • collaboration – Business is all about individuals with their own talents and abilities uniting to solve a problem, to make things better. You’ll find the same approach in the classroom. In study groups. Faculty who share insights, encourage debate, ask you to question your assumptions. Colleagues from three campuses, numerous industries and many job functions who create a broader perspective. All driven to maximize the learning experience.
  • community across continents, cultures and customs – With students from 51 countries and classes in three international locations, there truly are no boundaries. You’ll meet a person who knows a materials supplier in Bolivia, who’s worked in Mongolia or Siberia, who will show you around Turin on your next business trip.
  • classroom discussion – Lecture is only part of the process of learning. At Chicago Booth, you’ll be pushed to ask questions – lots of them – by faculty and your classmates. “Why do you think that is so?” “How does that affect the budget?” “What makes that a good decision?” “What are your alternatives?” Fearless and freewheeling debate will give you the confidence to excel in any situation, anywhere, with anyone.


The general management curriculum is designed to refresh and expand your skills so you are better equipped on the job and in the future. You’ll gain the business tools and analytical thinking to be able put everything together – the economics of HR, the financial business case, writing skills, brand strategy, negotiation techniques and more.

During the 21-month program, you will take 12/14 of the 17 courses together with your colleagues. Each student then selects three/five electives to complete the course of study. Together with group assignments and study groups, this format encourages you to build camaraderie and share experiences – a valuable component of the learning process.

  • Business Fundamentals focus on developing analytical tools and knowledge that support the rest of the curriculum
  • Managerial Leadership are considered breadth courses that examine the concepts and techniques required for effective management
  • Electives allow you to choose two courses to personalize and further expand your knowledge of a particular area

Borse di Studio

The Executive MBA Program is a major investment of both your time and resources.  There is a variety offinancial aid options available for Executive MBA students. We encourage you to carefully consider this investment and discuss your financing options with our Financial Aid Office.


Developing your career and taking it to a new level is one of the main reasons you are here. Whatever your goals, Chicago Booth will assist you on your quest.

Career Services are available at each of our three international campuses, so you'll have access to the resources you need to help you grow and manage changes in your career. Since you are an alumnus, the school also provides support to help you maintain your professional edge for the life of your career.


The tuition costs for the class starting June 2014 are detailed below.

  • Europe - The program fees cover tuition, all books and course materials, some meals, and hotel accommodations for two residential weeks in Chicago and one residential week in Hong Kong. Program fees: £92,000
  • Asia - The program fees cover tuition, all books and course materials, some meals, and hotel accommodations for two residential weeks in Chicago and one residential week in London. Program fees: HKD 1,175,000 (USD 151,500)
  • North America - The program fees cover tuition, all books and course materials, some meals, and hotel accommodations for three residential weeks in Chicago, one residential week in London, and one residential week in Hong Kong. Program fees: USD 168,000
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