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This well-established Masters is the world-leading course in audio production, highly regarded both nationally and internationally. It is accredited by the leading industry bodies, including APRS, and is the JAMES National Regional Centre – London, an Apple-accredited training centre and a Skillset Media Academy. The course is designed to meet and exceed professional standards, and will enable you to reach the highest level in the creative use of audio, and explore how creative ideas and new technologies can be combined, enhanced and redefined.

As the major media education site in Europe, the University’s Harrow Campus includes 14 professional recording studios (three surround studios), a new teaching recording studio, Music Lab and an array of TV, post-production, radio, film and multimedia facilities built and equipped to the highest standards.


This innovative course develops your creative abilities in audio across music production, sound design, radio, TV, film and multimedia, all supported by a robust understanding of the technologies involved. You will be able to explore and expand as a creative artist while achieving control and experience of professional audio environment.


The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course. For more details on course structure and modules, and how you will be taught and assessed, see the full course document.

  • Applied Innovation and Interactive Design
  • Audio Visual Production and Cultural Theory
  • Entrepreneurship and Finance for Creative Industries
  • Music Production and Cultural Theory
  • Programming and Audio Design for Animation
  • The Masters Stage



You will need to have a portfolio of audio and/or audiovisual production works, which demonstrates your ability to work in audio at a high level.
You should be able to discuss how the course enables you to build towards a new area of creative activity and employment.
A good first degree is desirable, although applicants with strong portfolio and professional industry experience will be considered.

Career Prospects

The First of its kind in the UK, MA Audio Production is the world-leading course in audio production, highly regarded both nationally and internationally and accredited by the leading industry bodies.
Course reputation is best reflected in the continuing success of its graduates who successfully meet and exceed professional industry standards, repeatedly reaching the highest level of creative use of audio in music and audiovisual production, enhancing and redefining existing industry practice.

Graduates succeed in wide range of audio and audio related careers, working as music producers, executive producers, sound designers, location recordists, Foley artists, programmers, ADR, audio, audio-visual post-production for radio, TV, film and interactive media specialists, composers, educators, recording artists and sound engineers.


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