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Business Transformation – Major del Master in Management and Technology

Luiss Business School
Current Status: Da Iniziare
Course Type: Master Level: 1
Available Financing:
Tuition: 16.000 Duration y/mm: 0/12
Places Available: Credits: 60 ECTS
Application Deadline: 20/09/2021 Admissions:
Start Date: 27/09/2021 End Date: 20/09/2022


The digital ecosystem impacts every business. The resulting transformation affects organizational structures, brand positioning, the customer experience, marketing and communication strategies and the integration of back-end processes. IT providers and agencies are devoting substantial resources to support businesses to execute impactful digital initiatives and succeed in the digital transformation process.

This program is designed for talented graduates looking to build the distinctive capabilities and valuable knowledge required to merge business and technology-driven strategies. It develops digital capabilities, managerial skills and leadership techniques for succeeding in firms in the digital ecosystem or in businesses undergoing a digital transformation process.


The Master provides students with 60 ECTS credits.

It prepares professionals to:

- Adapt corporate strategy through the implementation of integrated services and products.
- Add value in companies, contributing to the development of innovative ideas to exploit digital tools and implement new business models.
- Build T-shaped capabilities, providing the business foundation to leverage digital expertise and become industry leaders.
- Create and protect a company’s web reputation, adopting new digital communication channels.
- Extract, clean, interpret, communicate and protect information coming from complex data analysis.
- Reinvent the customer experience, exploiting new digital channels and techniques useful for the overall organization, from marketing to sales to distribution.
- Reengineer operational processes, gaining a wide understanding of the potential changes in firm practices to adapt to new digital technologies.
- Understand the threats of cyber risk and the protection methodologies expected by cyber law.


Induction week is an introductive week in which students can settle in and familiarize themselves with life on campus. Ice-breaking labs, seminars, workshops, and presentations will be organized for the students. Students will meet their classmates and will have a better idea of the services offered, as well as the curricular and extra-curricular activities planned.

- Accounting & financial Management
- Economics of Strategy
- Organization & HR Management
- Econometrics and Statistics

- Adapting Firm Strategy to the Digital Age
- Managing Business Digitization: Predicting Organizational Impact
- Establishing Digital Positioning
- Reimagining the Customer Experience
- Digital Economics

- Managing Cyber Security and Cyber Law
- Mastering Digital Governance
- Data Analyses, Mobility, Proximity and App-Based Marketing
- Digital & Mobile Innovation Management
- Reengineering Operational Processes

Learning labs focus on personal development. During the programme, students develop cross-functional and soft skills by attending sessions during which they will: cultivate intellectual flexibility; develop problem solving skills; learn to adapt in diverse situations; refine cross-cultural awareness.


Luiss Business School offers deemed deserving candidates up to 3 partial scholarships (covering up to 25% of the tuition fee). The scholarships will be granted based on merit. All candidates will be considered for this award.

Career Prospects

Graduates undertake careers paths working in key players in the digital ecosystem, including consulting firms, IT providers and digital agencies in diverse roles:

- Digital Communication Manager
- Digital Insights Analyst
- Digital Officer
- Digital Strategist
- Customer Relationship Manager
- CX and UX Consultant
- IT Consultant
- Strategic Consultant


The curricular internship is generally done at the end of the Master and represents an opportunity for students to combine theory and hands-on experience, coming into direct contact with professionals working in the industry. Career Services supports students in their search for internship opportunities, thus helping to broaden students’ career prospects and giving them the possibility to acquire the necessary work experience, increasing and improving their skills and expanding their business network.

Tuition Fees/Expenses

The tuition fee for the Master in Management and Technology with a Major in Digital Ecosystem is EUR 16,000.

Payment is made in three installments


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