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Full-time MBA

SDA Bocconi

Via Sarfatti, 10, 20136, Milano (Lombardia)
Tel.+39 02 5836 3115/3215/3228 - Fax +39 02 5836 3272

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1. Enter a cozy, diverse and competitive environment: around 100 students from 30+ countries and diverse backgrounds.
2. Combine learning and practice in just one year, connecting with top-notch inspirational leaders and iconic brands.
3. Join SDA Bocconi, a trailblazer in European business education, located in the hub of Italy’s culture and innovation.
4. Become part of the Bocconi community
5. 92% of graduates found a new job 3 months after Graduation

1-year Full-Time MBA highlights

1. An Int’l, game-changing MBA in Milano, for entrepreneurial career switchers.
2. A “Triple A” MBA, leveraging on individual Aspiration to change & Ambition to increase their affluence, to forge tomorrow’s global leaders gifted with social Awareness.
3. 4 Functional Concentrations + 1 Luxury Business Management Concentration
4. 1 Path to Entrepreneurship
5. Special Seminar series on cutting-edge topics and events to expose MBA students to knowledge and experience of top international leaders and influential scholars; informal, yet informed, lunch talks on the event of the day, with faculty and guest speakers, flexible opportunities for those willing to learn from real-life cases and unexpected turn of events bearing powerful managerial consequences.
6. One-to-one interaction between students, faculty and dedicated Staff.
7. New career opportunities and a network of relations worldwide.
8. Student club activities.

To give you the chance to get to know SDA Bocconi and the FTMBA Master, we organize every year online and offline events, visits to the School with the possibility to attend a lesson and individual meetings. All opportunities to speak directly with management, teachers, alumni and staff.
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The SDA Bocconi MBA is an ambitious undertaking. While it requires drive and motivation, it offers you a unique opportunity to improve, personally and professionally. From day one and throughout the Program, you will be plunged into a very intensive period of full-time work that progresses in set stages.
It is demanding, sometimes stressful, but it is also sustainable, allowing to set a proper balance between career aspirations and personal life.

The SDA Bocconi MBA: an integrated and innovative curriculum.

• is based on real world management knowledge;
• draws directly on our faculty's current research work;
• blends together the analytical and social dimensions of managerial issues and instills ethical values;
• takes place in a unique learning environment: academic as well as practice-based; diverse, teamwork oriented; open to the outside world and fostering interpersonal communication.

The MBA also involves you outside the classroom and after hours: extra-curricular activities actually belong to the mainstream program and offer an unrepeatable opportunity to make life-long friends and to network.


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The MBA structure allows you to combine learning and practice in just one year. After 9 months of class (PHASE 1), partecipants can flexibly choose among individual internship/entrepreneurial project/group business lab, int’l exchange/on-campus skills trial (PHASE 2, inclusive of the experiential activities taking place in the Summer, the Fall term courses plus the graduation on 10 Dec, 2022)

The innovative learning model combines Special Seminars, Leadership Series Seminars and Extra-Curricular Activities - an actual "Program beyond the Program" which offers students new perspective and ample opportunities for life-long networking and friendship.
Discover more about the courses on the MBA website.

Borse di Studio

SDA Bocconi School of Management made available total/partial merit-based tuition waivers to 2020-2021 MBA candidates with an outstanding profile. The number and assignment criteria of total or partial tuition waivers are defined and acknowledged by a special Commission whose decision is final and will be notified to beneficiaries by the beginning of the Program.
Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

- Analysis of academic and professional record;
- Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition;
- Results of the MBA selection process.

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Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in any discipline, at least 2-3 years professional working experience, and must submit the following materials:

  • Application for Admission Form
  • EUR 120 Application Fee
  • GMAT o GRE
  • Official University Transcript of Grades
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Proficiency in English
  • Interview

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Online application:


As a major international school of management, SDA Bocconi is engaged in an active and prestigious network of exchanges, collaborations and interactions with its peer institutions, in order to offer participants the opportunity to spend several months of the program in another important business school.

The complete list of the Exchange Network is available on the MBA web site.

Company Connections

Companies form an integral part of the Executive MBA – International Edition, as sponsors, partners and even educators. Companies that participate in learning activities at SDA Bocconi share the School's view of a continuum of learning, which starts in the classroom but is firmly based in the real world. For this reason, companies are constantly present throughout the Program.

The number of companies in the SDA Bocconi network is large and diverse and new companies are welcomed into the network by supporting their employees for an MBA course. The benefits to the company become immediately apparent, as Executive MBA – International Edition participants bring in new stimuli and a drive for growth. In turn, through close contact with company managers, the School receives the necessary inputs to continuously update its educational offerings and fine tune the Program to remain relevant to the needs of real companies.

During the Program participants have several chances to become exposed to leading companies, thanks to formal classroom lectures and informal visits by top managers.


You must tackle real, complex problems, blending together the knowledge and skills from different functional areas.
You put into practice the theory you have acquired, broadening your horizons and enriching your management skills.

The Project lasts from a minimum of eight weeks to a maximum of twelve weeks, during a period from the beginning of June to the end of August. To fulfill your project requirement, you must complete one of the following four options:

  • Individual Project: To support students interested in securing an internship, the Career Development Service brings onto the campus a select group of companies that offer the opportunity to run individual projects with them. If, after completing the application procedure and one or more rounds of interviews, you succeed in receiving an offer that you accept, you will fulfil your project requirement by working at the company for at least 8 weeks from June to the end of August. Participants may also search for an internship on their own, should this better fit their personal and career aspirations. If so, however, you should secure an approval by the MBA Director upon presentation of a detailed internship proposal.
  • Group Project: Through the Career Development Service, selected companies offer students the chance to develop a full-scale, real consultancy project. Students work in groups of three to six, as a consultancy team, with the assistance of a school tutor, interacting with company staff. Your team has eight weeks to complete the assigned project and provide the company with the innovative and practical solutions they desire. The group project is highly educational, both as a technical learning experience and as an experience working with a team. Participation in individual or group project will depend on a selection process organized by each recruiting company.
  • Entrepreneurial Project: Should you be interested in starting your own company or in undertaking a specific business project inside a company, you may choose the “entrepreneurial project”. Under the supervision of a professor in entrepreneurship, you have the opportunity to develop a business plan, organize a start-up or take part in a company business development project.
  • Research Project: Should you be interested in further investigating a relevant managerial topic of your interest, you may submit a research proposal to the MBA Director. If accepted, you will fulfil your project requirement by writing an original research paper under the supervision of a faculty member.


An MBA is a program that requires a significant financial commitment but always repays itself with a wide margin.
The total fee is € 59.000 to be paid in four installments.

Admission procedure fee
EUR 120

The fees include:

  • most teaching materials (although some texts must be purchased separately)
  • access to the School's databases

Participants must provide their own laptop.

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Welcome to your future - non stop MBA Experience | SDA Bocconi

Full Time MBA – The opportunity of a lifetime, the story of Andrea Brillembourg | SDA Bocconi


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