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All the requirements to join the EMiLUX class – SDA Bocconi

Scadenza: 18/11/2021

To guarantee the best quality of learning we need you and the other participants to have a good educational background and a significant professional experience.

You are required to have:

  • A university degree (in any discipline)
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience (not necessarily in luxury)
  • Proficiency in English
  • An interview with the program director to verify your strong motivation, good leadership, and interpersonal skills

How to Apply:

The application form is available exclusively online and must be completed with accurate and precise information regarding your personal and professional experiences and your reasons for attending the program. Please, fill it out and submit it through our website and upload all required documents to the “Documents” section of your online application.

Official transcripts and/or certified copies should be both uploaded and sent by conventional mail to:
SDA Bocconi, Masters Division
Recruiting and Admissions Service – EMiLUX
Via Sarfatti, 10
20136 Milano, Italy

Applicants may use our application website to verify the arrival of their documents and to upload the digital documentation. Documents can be uploaded after your online application has been submitted.

For further clarification on individual applications, please contact Admissions Service.

Application deadline: 18 November 2021

Admission Process:

The EMiLUX provides a rigorous selection process based on specific criteria defined by SDA Bocconi necessary to guarantee participants and companies a high quality educational experience. The selection process aims to assess both your academic and professional experience, and your individual motivations and abilities. However, the selection should not only determine if you are suitable for the EMiLUX, but also if the program will meet your expectations and your career goal.

Scholarships & Tuition Waivers:

Each year multiple scholarships and tuition waivers are available for outstanding candidates, thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, as well as our alumni and current students.

SDA Bocconi School of Management is making available three partial merit-based tuition waivers up to EUR 13,000 to 2021/22 EMILUX candidates with an outstanding profile.

1st round Deadline: 20th September 2021
2nd round Deadline: 18th November 2021

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition
  • Analysis of academic and professional record
  • Results of the EMiLUX selection process.

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EMiLUX - Executive Master in Luxury Management. Gabriella Lojacono – Director | SDA Bocconi

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