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Master in New Media Communication and Interaction Design


via Pisa 5, 10152, Turin (Piedmont)
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Tuition: Duration y/mm: 0/16
Places Available: Credits: 120 ECTS
Application Deadline: 27/01/2018 Admissions:
Start Date: 10/03/2018 End Date: 20/01/2019


Contemporary society moves its first steps towards “artificial intelligence”. This expression may sound bombastic, but the essence of the phenomenon can be synthesized in a few words: many tiring activities that today weigh mainly on human intelligence are steadily being transferred to computers, which are finally able to read the semantic meaning of raw information, creating a vast network of benefits and profits.

Modern digital environments, and the “artificial” intelligences that are developed in and from them, are deeply changing jobs in every sector, at every level. Many new professions are being developed in this setting, and it’s not a case that most of the EU funding being placed in 2014 and onwards is going towards a “digital agenda”.

IAAD Master in New Media and Interaction Design has been conceived to help fill the gaps in the current educational system regarding this very strategic sector, answering the growing demand from companies, private and public organization for professionals with specific and diversified skills linked to the development and the new opportunities of the digital world.


The Master's key objective is to form professionals capable of dialoguing through digital media, who comply with "netiquette" and community participation modalities, and, above all, are able not only to realize an integrated platform or a digital marketing campaign, but also to evaluate their performance and development potential.
The Master's ambition is to work as an innovation hub, a place in which aspiring communicators can be trained in a continuous interchange between theoretical, practical and experimental phases, allowing comprehension and management of all stages of new media design.

To train young professionals, IAAD recreates a professional environment in its didactic plan. One of the distinctive traits of IAAD method is the constant collaboration with sector-specific companies and firms in order to realize bound projects. Both the partner companies' business requirements and IAAD's teaching requirements converge in these projects, creating a situation that is doubly positive: aspiring designers have the opportunity to work with companies that are leaders in their sectors and companies can monitor and invest on future talent. This system also allows to simulate working conditions in a professional environment: work is conducted under specific deadlines, correcting projects during their execution phase by following client feedback, through team and objective-oriented work.


The New Media and Interaction design Master is a 16-month, full time course divided in two modules:
· Preliminary module
· Master module

Preliminary Module (60 ECTS credits)
· Language: English
· Framework: full time course (active lectures, laboratories and individual studying) with compulsory attendance classes Monday through Friday (some lectures and external didactic activities may take place on Saturday).
· Objectives: the key objective of the module is to provide the participants with the indispensable skills needed to work in a conscious and efficient way in a professional environment characterized by a considerable complexity, a strong correlation of the parts at play and a very elevated rate of change.

Master Module (60 ECTS credits)
· Language: English
· Framework: full time course (active lectures, laboratories and individual studying) with compulsory attendance classes Monday through Friday (certain lectures and external didactic activities may take place on Saturday).
· Objectives: the Master module focuses on an in-depth analysis of the outcomes of the Preliminary module and on the material application of every single instrument and methodology in the different fields available: media, marketing (R&D, design advertising), educational and entertainment.


The Master Program is structured in 3 macro areas. One is focused on specifically "creative" skills (Creativity Techniques, Art Direction in New Media Environments, Content Editing in New Media Environments, Web Platforms Design, Mobile App Design, Audiovisual Broadcasting Design, Digital PR & Social Media Networking), another on the cultural and informative background necessary to those looking to perform these new professions (Digital Economy Sociological Models, History of New Media, Digital Marketing Models, Big Data &Internet of Things), and the third one on technical skills and competences (User Interface Design, Project Development Techniques, Web Platforms Development, Mobile App Development, Edge Interactive Technologies).

A strong focus is also placed on Semantic technologies (Semantic Web, Semantic Engineering, Ontology Application Development) representing the culmination and the fulfillment of all the didactic path.
These disciplines are taught and examined in depth not only from a theoretical-conceptual point of view, but also looking at their actual application in media, marketing (R&D, design, advertising), educational and entertainment.

Students will be asked not only to recognize the business aspects of the project, but also to gain the marketing skills to promote themselves - essential to present and explain one's works and talents. Presentations and contests are highly rated during the Master. Students are encouraged to prepare presentations for their work and supported in participating in international and national contests.


IAAD offers 5 scholarships to be assigned to candidates according to curriculum and portfolio evaluation.

The available scholarships are:

- 1 worth 100% the tuition fee
- 2 worth 50% the tuition fee
- 2 worth 20% the tuition fee

Scholarships will be assigned to the top 5 students in the Preliminary application ranking, and will be confirmed for the Master module prior the passing of all Preliminary exams with a minimum 27/30 average. Scholarships will be awarded with merit criteria from a board selected from the Direction and from the Coordinator of the "Communication Design" department.


Preliminary module
Preliminary can be accessed by graduates and postgraduates in Computer Science, Economy, Humanities, Communication Sciences, Liberal Arts, Educational Sciences, and professionals seeking a specialization in new media.
Admission depends on the evaluation of the candidacy, which will have to be presented thorough a cover letter, curriculum vitae and portfolio. IAAD reserves the right to ask the candidate, when deemed necessary, an additional interview at the head office or via Skype.

Master module
Admission to Master from Preliminary depends on the positive result of the exams undertaken during Preliminary.
Access to Master is possible only with the authorization of the Coordinator based on the evaluation of academic titles, professional curriculum and portfolio.


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