Masters Degrees in Marketing

Naples , Campania 06/03/2019 12 months 10.000 Contact Master  ▸
Rome , Lazio 22/03/2019 12 months Contact Master  ▸

Rome Business School

Working in politics has never required as many professional competencies as in this historical period. Playing an active role in an electoral campaign or in the life of a party, but also writing about politics on a daily basis, are activities that, without specific training and without the mastery of the most up-to-date techniques, risk being unproductive.

Rome , Lazio 22/03/2019 12 months 4.500 Contact Master  ▸
Milan , Lombardy 30/11/2018 14 months 36.000 Contact Master  ▸
Milan , Lombardy 14/09/2018 12 months 31.000 Contact Master  ▸


The Master’s key objective is to form professionals capable of dialoguing through digital media, who comply with “netiquette” and community participation modalities, and, above all, are able not only to realize an integrated platform or a digital marketing campaign, but also to evaluate their performance and development potential.

Turin , Piedmont 27/01/2018 16 months Contact Master  ▸

SDA Bocconi School of Management

The strongest commitment of the Master of Management in Food & Beverage is to combine a significant culture and methodology of management with skills and knowledge related to the food and beverage industries. The specific experiences of our Faculty, partners and guests-speakers, together with the Italian culture and tradition make this objective unique.

Milan , Lombardy 31/10/2017 12 months 31.000 Contact Master  ▸

University of Westminster

This Masters reflects the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary communications, bringing together key subject disciplines in visual communication including graphic design, moving image, digital media and illustration. The course will help you to develop the analytical skills and generate conceptual thinking needed to prepare for high-level professional practice.

London 15/09/2017 12 months Contact Master  ▸

University of Westminster

You will develop a strategic perspective and broaden your existing understanding of marketing and its integration into an overall corporate strategy and structure. You will hone your capacity for analysing complex marketing and business situations and reaching decisions on appropriate courses of action. You will also improve your career prospects in marketing and general business areas.

London 15/09/2017 12 months Contact Master  ▸

University of Westminster

The Media and Development MA is an interdisciplinary course that teaches main theories, concepts, case studies and practical media skills around the theme of media and development and its implications for less developed countries. The course will provide you with a unique blend of theory and practice teaching, aimed at deepening your knowledge of the history of communications within the development process of emerging economies.

London 15/09/2017 12 months Contact Master  ▸