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Executive Master in Marketing & Sales – EMMS

SDA Bocconi

Via Sarfatti, 10, 20136, Milano (Lombardia)
Tel.+39 02 5836 3115/3215/3228 - Fax +39 02 5836 3272


Avenue d’Esplugues, 92-96, 08034, Barcellona (Estero)
Tel.+34 93.495.2088 - Fax +34 93.495.3828


Madrid (Estero)

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The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS) by SDA Bocconi, offered in partnership with Esade, is a specialized and international master that runs over 13 months and is taught entirely in English.
The executive format of the program means that traditional classes are combined with distance learning sessions, allowing you to work and study at the same time. The master focuses on sales and marketing, and offers you the opportunity to study not only at SDA Bocconi in Milano but also at Esade in Barcelona and Madrid.

In partnership with Esade Business School
The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is offered in partnership with Esade Business School to give you an even bigger range of opportunities, contacts and experiences.

What EMMS can offer you
A unique and specialized program of study in marketing and sales that includes classes in 3 different cities, distance learning sessions and the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned through a business project.

Benefits of choosing EMMS

1 master, 2 schools, 3 cities
EMMS is a unique program in our portfolio of executive, specialized masters, because it leads to a qualification awarded by two internationally renowned institutions: SDA Bocconi School of Management and Esade Business School.

An intense and all-rounded program
There are 7 modules in this program, each made up of a residential and a distance learning part. The program covers a broad range of subjects, from the fundamentals of marketing to the strategic aspects of client relationship and innovation. Other activities include workshops on specific topics and a final business project.

A network three times bigger
An executive master has a different degree of intensity when compared to a full-time program, however it is an equally effective environment to develop a network of personal and professional contacts that can grow over time. In the case of EMMS, you have the advantage of building your network across two different schools and three cities.

Experience life in Milano, Barcelona and Madrid
In addition to your current home, where you will be based during the distance learning sessions, EMMS offers you the chance to study in three different international cities, something that no other program, whether full-time or executive, can offer.”

To give you the chance to get to know SDA Bocconi and the EMMS Master, we organize every year online and offline events, visits to the School with the possibility to attend a lesson and individual meetings.
All opportunities to speak directly with management, teachers, alumni and staff.
Discover the events


The executive master in marketing & sales is ideal for energetic, forward-looking your executives who want to reach out and acquire a global mindset.

EMMS will enable you to:

  • round up your skills and develop the strategic mind-frame which would make you successful in a management position
  • develop your career path while continuing to work
  • learn marketing and sales knowledge in an international context
  • share the experience of other professionals involved in marketing and sales in different companies, industries, and countries
  • find new networking opportunities in an international market


Structure and calendar

The total length of the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is 13 months part-time, from March 2021 to April 2022.

15 MAR 2021
20 MAR 2021

• Marketing Management
• Channel Management
• Workshop: Anthropology of Consumption.

DISTANCE LEARNING- 22 Mar 2021, 7 May 2021

10 MAY 2021

15 MAY 2021
• Marketing Research
• Brand Management
• Going to the Market

DISTANCE LEARNING- 17 Mar 2021, 30 Apr 2021

5 JUL 2021
10 JUL 2021

• Price Strategy and Management
• Sales Management/1
• Strategic Marketing

DISTANCE LEARNING: 12 Jul - 17 Sep 2021

13 SEP 2020
17 SEP 2020

• Finance for Marketing & Sales
• International Marketing Management
• CRM and Business Intelligence
• Workshop: Leading and Managing People

DISTANCE LEARNING: 20 Sept - 12 Nov 2021

15 NOV 2021
19 NOV 2021

• Sales Management/2
• Marketing Analytics in the Era of Big Data
• Workshop: Social Media Marketing
• Field Project Launch (SDA Bocconi and Esade)

DISTANCE LEARNING: 21 Nov – 23 Dec 2021 / 10 Jan – 4 Feb 2022

7 FEB 2022
10 FEB 2022

• Marketing Creativity and Innovation
• Digital Business & 360° Communication

DISTANCE LEARNING: 14 Feb – 15 Apr 2022

20 APR 2022
22 APR 2022

• F2F Workshop: Communication & Negotiation Skills
• Business Project Presentation


Individual Executive Coaching
EMMS provides individual assessment and development of Professional Competences and Sales Skills, so that each participant will develop a plan to improve their professional profile. The applications used are Predictive Index, PRO and SSAT provided by PI Worldwide. They combine tests and personal guidance conducted by Prímula Asesores.

15 Courses
The 15 courses are key to the development of essential marketing and sales management knowledge.
These courses represent the building blocks for your EMMS experience, and they provide a common language for all participants.


Borse di Studio

Scholarships & Tuition Waivers for the 2021-2022 EMMS edition.

To be eligible for a tuition waiver, applicants must:
• Have sent the application to the EMMS 2020-2021 Program
• Have the pre-requisites for the tuition waiver
• Sign and submit the tuition waiver application form online through the application form tool.

All candidates who meet the requirements can apply to the tuition waivers. Candidates can apply to the scholarship/tuition waivers even though their selection process is still in progress.

Admission to the program is independent of the awarding of any scholarship or tuition waiver.

More info.


EMMS is the Master for you if
• You wish to strengthen your knowledge of sales and marketing in an international context
• You want to progress further in your career without taking time out to study
• You want to be able to apply immediately what you have learned
• You are interested in developing networking opportunities in the international market

EMMS XIII and XIV Editions (Average Last Two Editions)
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More info.

Candidates are required to have:
• University Degree in any discipline
• Minimum 4 years of work experience (not necessarily in Marketing or Sales)
• Be at least 27 years old
• Fluency in English. Candidates whose mother tongue is not English are required to submit a TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or CPE result



EMMS is just the beginning of your journey, the tip of the iceberg with a very solid base of support.This cutting-edge program will provide you with tools, methods, and models that will allow you to tap into your potential beyond the end of the course in breadth, in depth and in time. Our vast alumni networks will extend the EMMS experience over the years, ensuring that former students create and maintain bonds that last a lifetime.


The tuition fee for the 2020-2021 program is € 36.000*
- Non-refundable deposit fee (1st installment): € 9.000 due at registration (non-refundable deposit fee)
- Second Installment: € 9.000 due 31 March 2021
- Third Installment: € 9.000 due 31 May 2021
- Fourth Installment: € 9.000 / € 5.400 * due 30 November 2021

More info.


Executive Master in Marketing & Sales - EMMS - SDA Bocconi


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