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Master in Business Administration – MBA

Università degli Studi di Pisa
Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale

Via C. Ridolfi, 10, 56100, Pisa (Toscana)

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The MBA is a 12-month full time programme entirely taught in English covering a full range of general management issues.
It will run from January to December and it will involve two types of activities:

- 50 Credits: Lectures/Business Game – to be held in Pisa.
- 10 Credits: Master Thesis.

The MBA program is particularly suitable for people who want to enhance economic and managerial skills and aspire to improve their value in the job market or step up in their career path. One of the strengths of our MBA is the actual diversity of the students recognizable in terms of nationalities; work experiences (2 years and beyond for the large majority); age (above 25 for the most part); and previous degrees (balanced between business/economics, engineering, scientific/technical and other).
This truly international programme also involves professors and lectures from a number of Business Schools.

There are 2 deadlines to apply:
1) 30 June 2017
2) 30 Septemebr 2017


  • Internationality of our students: Our classes are composed of more than 90% of foreign students (18-20 different nationalities per year). In the lasts years we had in class about 150 students coming from 49 different Countries
  • Class size: our Master accepts no more than 30 students, in order to assure the highest quality on teaching and personal development. We give attention to each single student because we want to improve their skills in interpersonal relations and interaction.
  • Internationality of the Faculty: they come from different Institutions in Italy and from several foreign Universities/Business Schools (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, UK, USA).
  • Academic tradition and excellence
  • Location: the MBA is located in the heart of Pisa, in the center of this city with a strong student vocation. Besides its historical centre and its famous monument such as the Leaning Tower, Pisa has an excellent geographical position to reach the other cities in Tuscany, being situated an hour by train from Florence, half an hour from Lucca and Leghorn and few minutes from the coast. Furthermore, there is an International Airport 1 kilometer from city centre.
  • Innovative programme that includes a course on Entrepreneurship and on Doing Business in Emerging Economies



The programme is articulated in two terms.

The first term (January - July) is dedicated to the complete knowledge of the Business Administration:
The courses (1 week or 2 weeks course) are organized as follows:
- Introduction to management
- Team building and personal development
- Financial Reporting and Analysis
- Marketing principles
- Corporate finance
- Financial Markets
- Organizational behaviour and human capital
- Cost management
- Budgeting and Management reporting
- Entrepreneurship
- Marketing management
- Auditing and Corporate governance
- Doing Business in Emerging economies
- Strategy

The second term (July-December) is dedicated to the Master Thesis which can be either a research project or an internship-based project into one of Master Network's Companies.

The teaching formula consists of morning lectures followed by cases and exercises in the afternoons.
The exams will be based on group works, group presentations and individual tests.

Borse di Studio

The University of Pisa offers few partial scholarships that cover a maximum of 1.600 € per student.
The scholarships are assigned after the admission interview following a merit-based ranking.


  • A university degree.
  • Reference letters.
  • Certificate of English Language (TOEFL/IELTS is recommended. In any case, the knowledge of English is verified as well during the motivational interview.
  • 1 or 2 years of work experience at least.


The MBA program offers to the students the possibility to develop their economic, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
It facilitates their personal growth and professional career in an international context
The MBA students acquires the right competences for working as manager in public and private companies as well as consulting firms.



Students can undertake an internship and use this experience to develop the final Master Thesis.

The MRM Staff promotes students by circulating CVs through its network of, mainly, companies located in Italy (such as among its Corporate Network).





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