Masters Degrees in Healtcare Management

Milan , Lombardy 05/10/2020 12 months 27.500 Contact Master  ▸

University of Westminster

The course develops qualified herbal practitioners. The focus is on furthering your growth as a scholar practitioner, and enabling you to develop as a leader in research, clinical governance and policy and practice within the Herbal Medicine profession, while advancing your own professional practice. The underpinning ethos is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to enhance your professional role in the field of Herbal Medicine. This is fostered through the academic and professional experience in both the theoretical concepts and the diagnostic practice within your own specialty.

London 15/09/2017 12 months Contact Master  ▸

University of Westminster

Our established programme in Biotechnology, which has been extensively updated, includes a wide range of modern molecular biology techniques and how biotechnology can be used by today’s society.
You will complement your theoretical studies with hands on experience of fully controlled fermenters that are up to pilot-plant scale, and are linked to modern monitoring and control systems.