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Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy – MIHMEP

SDA Bocconi School of Management
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Tuition: 28.000 Duration y/mm: 0/12
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Start Date: 10/09/2021 End Date: 20/02/2023


Find the right way to global health management.
The Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) is a one-year, full-time program in English, aimed at professionals who aspire to acquire the specific skills needed to take on global management roles within the health care sector, whether it’s private industry  (pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies), government and international organizations or health care providers.
A rigorous and focused approach is combined with a global vision to broaden the horizons of health care managers.

What MIHMEP can offer you
MIHMEP is targeted at professionals who wish to embark on an international career in the health care sector. The program will offer you:

• An international perspective through its curriculum, faculty and fellow course participants
• In-depth understanding of the world’s social, political and economic context in which health care systems operate
• Strong theoretical and practical foundations to drive policy and organizational changes in health care systems around the world.

A fact about MIHMEP
Historically, MIHMEP graduates have gone on to rewarding careers in many healthcare fields – ranging from multinational pharmaceutical and biotech companies to international institutions, from hospitals and aid organizations to research centers – in line with the scope and the objectives of the program.

To give you the chance to get to know SDA Bocconi and the MIHMEP Master, we organize every year online and offline events, visits to the School with the possibility to attend a lesson and individual meetings. All opportunities to speak directly with management, teachers, alumni and staff.
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Rapid changes in healthcare systems require new professionals with a deep understanding of health and healthcare issues and a wide spectrum of skills to promote and manage changes at the organizational and policy level. MIHMEP intends to train a new cadre of professionals by providing an interdisciplinary and international program specifically focused on healthcare management and policy. Through an itinerary comprising 9 months of classroom activities and a 3-month field project, participants will develop theoretical and practical skills in management, economic analysis, policy analysis and formulation, and epidemiology. The program is designed to ensure that participants:

• fully comprehend and learn to lead the important new developments occurring in health-related industries (pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies);
• achieve substantial skills and competencies in the management of healthcare organizations;
• gain experience in applying qualitative and quantitative methods to promote and manage change at the organizational and policy level;
• understand the epidemiological factors and the political, economic and social context of healthcare management from an international perspective;
• understand the political process and strategy which drive the international health arena

The challenging learning experience is enriched with intensive cultural exchange between participants coming from variety of backgrounds and from different parts of the world.


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MIHMEP requires total dedication and maximum intellectual commitment. Class attendance is mandatory thus MIHMEP is incompatible with any additional professional activity.

Teaching involves a mixture of lectures and practical sessions together with group projects and seminars with an emphasis on discussion and problem solving. These diverse methods give you opportunities for active and critical participation, and strengthen teamwork and interpersonal skills.


Structure and Calendar

MIHMEP Structure (XXII Edition 2022):



Term 1
• Issues in Public Health and Epidemiology
• Healthcare Systems & Policy
• Health Economics
• Foundations of Management in Healthcare Organizations
• Quantitative Methods for Healthcare Organizations

Term 2
• Financial Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Organisations
• Economic Evaluation of Healthcare Programs


Students are expected to choose 1 among 3 Specializations.
In addition, students have to choose elective courses from the other MIHMEP Specializations. The 3 Specializations are:
- Global Health & Development
- Healthcare Management
- Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology



Each year, SDA Bocconi School of Management – as well as companies and other organizations – offer multiple scholarships and tuition waivers. These are awarded on the basis of merit to candidates with an outstanding profile. For the MIHMEP 2022, 1 full and 8 partial tuition waivers are available.

Scholarships & Tuition Waivers for the 2021-2022 MIHMEP edition.

Student Profile

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MIHMEP is open to graduates of all disciplines. Our students typically:

• Hold a bachelor-level university degree in a relevant academic subject such as medicine, science, economics or other social sciences;
• Come from a wide range of academic, cultural and professional backgrounds;
• Are highly motivated and dedicated professionals who are ready to face the challenge of a demanding and dynamic learning environment;
• Are open-minded and internationally oriented individuals who appreciate cultural diversity.
Some students have significant professional experience in this sector, which is considered an advantage but is not an essential requirement).

MIHMEP is the Master for you if

• Your objective is an international career in the health care sector
• You are looking for a professional, international and dynamic environment
• You want to be informed about the latest thinking and skills on management and policy
• You are looking for a leading school with a strong reputation in management education


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Admission Requirements

  • University Degree in any discipline
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL or similar)
  • Work experience (not essential)

Career Prospects

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Through the program participants develop theoretical and practical skills in health and healthcare management, economic analysis, policy analysis and formulation, and epidemiology.

MIHMEP graduates have gone on to rewarding careers in many healthcare fields. The main recruiting companies are public and private health care organizations, consulting firms, private companies, companies from the bio-pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, University and research centers, Ministry of Health and international organizations.


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During the fourth term, students participate in an internship within a healthcare organization or a company in Italy or abroad. The projects are carried out over a period of 12 weeks and require full-time commitment. During the internship, students are supervised by two tutors: one from the host organization and the other from the MIHMEP Faculty. Near the end of the first term, the Internship Day is organized in order for MIHMEP students to meet field project providers and to present internship options.

Internships may be performed in pharmaceutical/medical device companies, national and regional health authorities, hospitals, health insurance organizations, NGOs, supranational organizations, research centers and consulting companies. All represent potential employing organizations for MIHMEP students. At the end of the program, students will receive advice concerning job placement and the best job options available both in Italy and abroad.

At the end of the experience the students prepare a report describing and discussing the results of their projects.

Tuition Fees/Expenses

The total fee for the 2020-2021 program is € 27,500 to be paid in three instalments four installments:

First Installment: € 7,500 on acceptance of admission to the Master Program
Second Installment: € 7,000 by December 23, 2021
- Third Installment: € 7,000 by February 25, 2022
- Fourth Installment: € 6,500 by April 29, 2022

The fees include:

• All teaching material
• Access to SDA Bocconi’s facilities

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Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy | SDA Bocconi


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