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MPA Master of Public Administration: smart solutions to public challenges

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Acting in the present while imagining the future. The context in which professionals serving public interest operate today is constantly changing and continuing education is fundamental to keep pace with the latest developments and to strengthen professionals’ capacity as effective leaders who will contribute to public sector institutions by delivering greater results and generating a long-lasting impact.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) offered by SDA Bocconi School of Management is a one-year full-time program taught in English to junior and mid-level professionals from around the world and diverse backgrounds.

A unique characteristic of MPA at SDA Bocconi is the opportunity to customize your learning experience and focus your study on those specific managerial subjects congruent with you own preferences. Building on the Italian and local endowment and on the Bocconi endowment for management and governance, you will have the chance to become an expert in:

• Management of International Cities
• International Development and Public Policy
• Local Growth and Social Capital
• Management of International Public Sector Institutions

MPA is a laboratory where you will be able to co-create innovative solutions that will combine the intellectual capital of all professionals part of this network. In particular, MPA’s full-fledged learning model and global approach will:

• Provide you with the skills and tools required to become a ‘glocal’ public manager
• Equip you for an independent, transparent and flexible approach to public management
• Link you with a network of decision-makers and leaders of governmental institutions, international organizations and NGOs


• Resident and visiting faculty with vast international experience
• Focused on strengthening skills in Public Policy and Administration towards further managerial and leadership responsibilities
• For int’l post-graduate students and young professionals with 4+ years of work experience on average

MPA 2018-19 APPLICATION – ROUND 4 – Deadline: SEPTEMBER 4, 2018

Read more: www.sdabocconi.it/mpa

SDA Bocconi School of Management is making available 3 partial merit-based tuition waivers to 2018/19 MPA candidates with an outstanding profile.

Discover more about MPA.

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Borse di Studio per partecipare ai Master di Specializzazione di Quec Formazione Manageriale

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Le agevolazioni (da 1.000 a 2.000 €) saranno assegnate, fino ad esaurimento fondi, valutando le competenze acquisite durante gli studi, le esperienze professionali, le attitudini individuali e la motivazione dei candidati.

QFORMA: diventa Project Manager con una borsa di studio

Notizia del 15/03/2019 ore 17:00

Per promuovere la specializzazione di laureati e professionisti, Qforma assegna borse di studio ai profili più meritevoli.

IED Venezia: al via ad aprile il corso di alta formazione in Glass Design

Notizia del 13/03/2019 ore 15:59

Il corso, promosso da IED Venezia in collaborazione con importanti istituzioni e aziende del settore, fornisce una formazione accademica, artistica e pratica attraverso un approccio dinamico.

Scuola Sant'Anna: al via la seconda edizione della Summer School sulla Cyber Security

Notizia del 11/03/2019 ore 14:14

Alta formazione alla Scuola Sant'Anna di Pisa. Un'opportunità per entrare in contatto con le aziende che investono in sicurezza cibernetica.

Tourism Quality Management: nuove edizioni del Master Uninform a Roma e a Milano

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Manager del Turismo… Professione con prospettive concrete! Il Master TQM – Tourism Quality Management, con oltre 240 aziende partner, 43 edizioni già svolte e 1.