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Executive Master in Management of International Organizations – EMMIO

SDA Bocconi School of Management

Via Sarfatti, 10, 20136, Milan (Lombardy)
Tel.+39 02 5836 3115/3215/3228 - Fax +39 02 5836 3272

Current Status: Terminato
Course Type: Master Level: 2
Available Financing:
Tuition: 25.000 € Duration y/mm: 0/9
Places Available: Credits:
Application Deadline: 30/06/2021 Admissions:
Start Date: 10/10/2021 End Date: 10/06/2022


Are you a professional operating in international institutions interested in pursuing a great career in this sector? Are you a changemaker? Do you want to unlock your full managerial potential, improve your leadership and strategic skills? Are you ready to make the next step to accelerate your career on a global scale?

Then the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations is the right program for you!

EMMIO is unique in the international academic scenario. Built on the thirty-years successful experience of SDA Bocconi School of Management in the executive education to public management at both an Italian and international level, EMMIO combines the academic rigor and a practical approach to the analysis of the managerial challenges faced by modern international institutions.

EMMIO is a program for professionals who operate in the international institutions and aspire (or currently undertake) supervisory and operational management roles. The program is based on contents, case studies and simulations that are fully original and specifically modelled on real challenges of the UN organizations and intergovernmental institutions.

The ideal profile of the EMMIO candidate is an extremely motivated professional, with an international experience, looking for a program that develops their managerial and leadership skills on a global scale. EMMIO is based on the principle of proactive participation, peer-to-peer learning and it is a laboratory of professional growth and experimentation.

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EMMIO aims to:

Unlock mid-and-senior level professionals’ management potential
Facilitate an immediate connection with the working environment and knowledge immediately applicable
Enhance participants’ ability to think and to act strategically in today’s international cooperation scenarios.
Develop their ability to effectively lead organizations through sustainable and successful innovation.
Improve their distinctive managerial skills, including the ability to build and manage successful partnerships, raise critical resources to achieve their organization’s mandate and successfully leverage on human capital.
Advance their distinctive competencies to manage resources effectively, identify and manage risks, improve program management and reach operational excellence.



EMMIO combines a hands-on approach with a solid theoretical component, anchored around management frameworks and tools tailored to the operational and institutional specificities of international organizations.
Different and complementary learning methodologies will be adopted, to generate the participants’ highest active learning involvement.

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The EMMIO learning path revolves around three main blocks of modules:
• Envisaging and innovating: modules in this section scrutinize the complex and dynamic environment within which international organizations operate; explore the main frameworks and tools for strategic thinking and planning; tackle the building blocks of organizational design, institutional governance and change management and foster participants’ ability to drive and assess successful and sustainable innovation;
• Managing and Leading: modules in this section enable participants to effectively perform in multicultural environments typical of large, decentralized international organizations. Contents also focus on managing ethically, result based management, public procurement and impact investing;
• Managing resources and operations: modules in this section take participants through the core management functional subjects, ranging from budgeting and financial management to risk management, from resource mobilization and branding to business process improvement and operations.

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Each year, SDA Bocconi offers a number of scholarships and tuition waivers. Tuition waivers and scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit to candidates with an outstanding profile or other specific requirements.

- 3 Partial Tuition Waivers for Outstanding Profiles
- 1 Partial Tuition Waivers for Proven experience in the area of reproductive health care for women and youth
- 1 partial tuition waivers  for profiles from Global South

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Student Profile

The format of the program and the needs of the market result in the fact that only a small number of places are available in EMMIO each year. Those who are selected are extremely talented and motivated and the program provides the time and focus on each individual to hone and enrich their skills.
We search for young talents who are willing and committed to become leaders and excellent managers.
To be considered for EMMIO, a candidate must have at least five years successful work experience.

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All the requirements for admission to the EMMIO and the selection process are designed to ensure a strong integration between the program and your specific objectives.
Selection process is on rolling basis.

You are required to have:
• A university degree (BA degree or equivalent) in any discipline
Minimum 5 years of professional experience
Proficiency in English
Strong motivation

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Tuition Fees/Expenses

The total fee for the program 2020-2021 is € 25,000 to be paid in three installments:
- First Installment € 8,500 within 15 days after the confirmation of admission to the program
- Second Installment € 8,500 by 31/01/2022
- Third Installment € 8,000 by 30/04/2022

The fees include:
• All teaching material used during the program
• Access to the school’s facilities

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EMMIO - SDA Bocconi


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